Scalable cloud hosting for big data

“Big data” is a term that’s heard all over the internet and in popular media. There is a range of benefits to using big data in your business and scalable cloud hosting is the ideal platform that can bring out the best of big data.

It’s quite simple to understand.

Big data refers to a complicated volume of data that cannot be processed by traditional data systems. This could be because the data is either too massive or generated too fast.

Big data is a combination of all sorts of data obtained from a multitude of sources. Due to this complexity and variety of sources it becomes a crucial element of intelligent company decision making.

Table of contents for scalable storage for big data

#1 Benefits of using big data
#2 Are businesses actively using big data more and more?
#3 Powerful cloud computing for a big data powered future
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Benefits of using big data

Cost efficiency

Yes. Big data can cut costs.

Having a diverse volume of data obtained from a wide range of sources boosts the efficiency of your company. Big data makes it easier to minimize wastage created by bad decisions. It gives better information on cheaper production methods and technology. Big data also helps you receive better insights into industry best practices.

Higher efficiency means lower cost.

Better product development insights

With big data you’re able to extract important information regarding new technology, production methods, product development workflows, product ideas etc. You can gain competitive edge in designing the most appropriate product or service for your customers.

If your big data is hosted right, on a suitable platform then you will be able to derive this information fast (before your rivals and competitors do).

Keep track of market demand

Scalable cloud hosting for big data

Data is data. Including market insights and demand patterns.

So big data can be quite helpful in figuring out what clients want and what they’re getting right now with the available options of products and services. What’s great about the complicated nature of big data is that it can present the gap in market supply and demand straight to your hands.

This is also means that data about your rivals’ products are available for you too. With that information you can plan out your differentiation strategy more precisely and more realistically.

Are businesses actively using big data more and more?

Studies reveal that big data is thriving all around the world right now.

Statistics show that over the past two years the world has generated much more data than was generated in the entire human history. This itself goes to show the value of and the need for crucial data. And the increasing mass of big data is capable of producing side effects such as facilitating employment. Statistics reveal that since 2012, big data has created 8 million jobs in the US and 6 million more jobs worldwide. More studies have shown that 79% of enterprise executives believe that if they do not adopt big data strategies for their businesses they are immediately at risk of potential extinction. 

scalable cloud hosting for big data

And with big data holding the key to a highly intelligent and conveniently networked future, data scientists and computer engineers aim to achieve a processing capacity equivalent to the human brain for their CPUs within this decade. And for this to be a success, producing great computing power is crucial.

Powerful cloud computing for a big data powered future

Why should you integrate cloud computing into your big data strategy? Let’s find out:

#1 Agility

Agility is the ability to hop onto a platform and adapt to its ways as fast as possible, with minimum costs. While obsolete technology prominently lacks this feature, one of the key selling points of cloud computing is this agility.

You’re able to instantly deploy cloud solutions and set up a data infrastructure in them with minimum time consumption and costs, thanks to agility. A rapidly changing and updating technology such as big data requires the cloud agility to extract its full potential.

#2 Scalability

Scalable cloud hosting for big data

The agility of the cloud stems from its scalability. Scalability determines the ability to change up cloud resources to be able to accommodate the varying storage of data.

The highly volatile nature of big data guarantees that traditional methods of storing will not suffice in the complicated future that big data scientists aim for. The most appropriate solution for your business to deal with the necessary big data technology, will be a cloud solution.

#3 Cost-efficiency

The virtual nature of cloud computing enables a drastic volume of space and machine costs to be saved. Maintenance costs are also reduced with the dramatic reduction in machinery.

Big data is a complicated collection of data that requires all requires powerful computing and therefore, frequent maintenance. But thanks to virtual cloud computing the heavy costs incurred by adopting traditional technology to fulfill such requirements can be eliminated.

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If your startup or business wants to thrive in the years to come you would have to adopt to technologies that are suited for the future of business and information technology. Cloud computing is the future of business be it when it comes to big data and otherwise. Choose wisely, choose cloud.

Good luck and reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions, or general feedback.