Virtual Private Servers

Affordable, yet powerful Virtual Private Servers deployed instantly. For quick, general purpose VPS computing.

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Affordable, Yet Powerful

Pick a base plan, and add individual resources to fit your VPS requirements.

VPS Plan 1

$1.80 /MO Billed $21.60 per year, USD
  • 1 vCPU Core
  • 1 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 30 GB RAID-10 Drive 
  • SSD Cached Storage
  • 1 TB/Mo Bandwidth at 1Gb/s
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Upgradable During Order
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Category: VPS
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VPS Plan 2

$2.99 /MO Billed $35.88 per year, USD Value
  • 2 vCPU Cores
  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 50 GB RAID-10 Drive
  • SSD Cached Storage
  • 3 TB/Mo Bandwidth at 1Gb/s
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Upgradable During Order
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Category: VPS
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VPS Plan 3

$4.50 /MO Billed $54.00 per year, USD
  • 3 vCPU Cores
  • 3 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 70 GB RAID-10 Drive
  • SSD Cached Storage
  • 6 TB/Mo Bandwidth at 1Gb/s
  • 1 IPv4 Address
  • Upgradable During Order
  • Virtualization: KVM
  • Category: VPS
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Looking for Pure SSD Cloud Servers?

View more configurations with faster IOPS

VPS Features

Run and manage your server operations on our intuitive cloud dashboard

Instant Re-installs

Rebuilding your Virtual Private Server can be done right through our intuitive cloud dashboard. Rebuilding a server will automatically install your server with the Linux OS of your choice, good as new

Rebuilding a VPS takes about a minute, and can be done under 2 clicks. It's free!

Recovery Mode

If you loose access to your server, or it doesn't boot up as usual due to a human error, you can use the recovery mode anytime to backup your data inside the server.

Enabling recovery mode takes about a minute, always available on the cloud dashboard

Root Access

With root access, you can take 100% control of your VPS. Having root access lets you install control panels, application servers and many other software on your VPS as soon as it's deployed

With root access, we trust you have received the usual lecture from the local SystemAdministrator. It usually boils down to these three things: Respect the privacy of others. Think before you type. With great power comes great responsibility 😃

SSD Cached

SSD Cached storage technology is an accelerated storage type that caches your Virtual Private Servers frequently read/written data, allowing much faster IOPS compared to traditional Hard Disk Drives. SSD Cached storage has read speeds that are on par with SSDs, which accelerates your hosted applications compared to Hard Disk Drives.

SSD write cache can boost overall system performance.

Powerful CPUs

Utilize the full power of the latest Intel® Xeon Scalable processors for high speed computing

Root Access

Full root access giving you complete freedom to manage your server and set an access hierarchy

Network Backbone

Your servers are backed by fully redundant, high-speed & low latency multi-gigabit networks

OS Re-installation

Quickly rebuild your server with a new operating system of your choice and start from scratch


Let's you access your VPS through VNC, even when the VPS doesn’t have an active internet connection.

Extra Resources

Increase resources like RAM, DISK or CPU when ordering, through the cloud dashboard

Remote Management

Reboot, boot and shutdown your server any time with just a click of a button

Data Center

SOC II, HIPAA, PCI Certified data centers providing comprehensive redundancy based in Los Angeles, USA

Gain more control with SC2

We have a variety of control panels that you can use with our SC2 instances. Choose between a paid cPanel/WHM starting at $17.50/month or a free panel, that our support team can help install.

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  • cPanel/WHM

    cPanel/WHM enables both website hosting and reselling on your SC2

    Learn More
  • Free Panels

    Open source control panels available, contact us to set you up with one of our top supported picks. Cost effective hosting.

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