Automated Backups

Say goodbye to data loss risks and enjoy your peace of mind with our reliable backup feature.

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Why have Backups?

Backups are essential to protect your server against not only data loss but also countless other external threats like data breach and the impact of malicious software. 90% of the time not having proper backups may result in your entire project not being able to pick up after data loss. Only 10% of data loss cases occur due to human error so being manually careful wouldn’t work all the time. CloudCone offers reliable backups which your server and data will be backed up automatically, every day.

Protect your data

Enable auto backups and you’ll never have to worry about data loss or data breach again. Backup your server and recover any lost data instantly

Convenient setup

Automatic backups can be easily configured with a few super simple steps


Backup your important data effortlessly, simply configure a daily backup & let our platform do the work.

  1. Select Frequency

    Choose the backup frequency to from the drop down menu.

  2. Tick Enable Backups

    Check on Enable backups box to continue.

  3. Click on Enable Auto Backups

    Finally, click Enable Auto Backups


How much does it cost to enable Automated Backups on my instance

Automated Backups


Of your server's monthly cost*

new Deploy a server with auto backups

Looking for Snapshots?

Checkout our Snapshots for instant backups

*Pricing for automated backups on promotional plans may vary