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High performance, fully managed cloud servers for powerful computing, backed by fully redundant multiple gigabit and low latency networks

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Simple hourly pricing. Choose resources you need and pay for what you 'actually' use.
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$0.0015 /HR


$0.00119 /HR
DISK (min 20 GB)


$0.0016 /HR
IPv4 Address


$0.00069 /HR
Billed $0.00498/HR


Everything you need to run your cloud operation along with a
feature-rich control panel to manage your servers with ease

Remote Reboot

Reboot, boot and shutdown your server any time with just a click of a button

Root Access

Full 'root' access giving you complete freedom to manage your server


Easy access to critical information such as bandwidth, disk and CPU usage

Scale Resources

Add or remove resources on the go anytime depending on your needs

100% Intel CPUs

Utilize the full power of Xeon E5 cores clocked at 2.00 Ghz for high speed computing

OS Re-installation

Quickly rebuild your server with a new Operating System and start from scratch

Online Hourly Billing

Bill when your server it's online and switch it off when you don't need it to reduce your bill even more

Fully Managed

We are always available online to help you resolve technical problems along with best effort 3rd party app support

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    Enable advanced server monitoring and other awesome features. View OS Library ↗

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    Get online in less than 50 seconds

Control panel on my server?

Cloud instances are pure root servers with linux shell. If you aren't familiar with SSH, we have a variety of control panels that you can use, including paid cPanel/WHM or free panels managed by our amazing team

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  • cPanel/WHM

    cPanel/WHM enables both website hosting and reselling on your VPS

    $11 Monthly

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  • Open Source

    Free robust control panels avaliable, contact us to set you up with one of our top supported picks


We peer with diverse network carriers

along with DDoS protection up to 500Gbps