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Countless features and easy configuration to set up a great server in no time.
Being an official NOC PARTNER of cPanel, you can now get faster cPanel activation and high priority cPanel support!

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Why use cPanel?

cPanel is the go-to control panel for most hosting services. It uses GUI so even if you have zero technical knowledge, you’d still find it user-friendly. That means you wouldn’t have to worry about your server processes consuming too much of your time.

There’s also a wide combination of features waiting for you such as mail, security, database, third-party apps and whatnot. cPanel is also compatible with many famous browsers. Read our Blog to learn more about cPanel.

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Configure your server easily even with zero technical experience with cPanel’s super-efficient GUI.


From editing your website to allocating space for your pages, every task you require can be done in one click.

Multiple Accounts

Resellers can manage multiple accounts with a tiered management structure online, from anywhere in the world.

cPanel Price Tiers

Check out these cPanel license plans and bundle it with your cloud server. Users are only charged according to the number of users per account.


Per Month, USD.

  • Up-to 5 accounts

  • small businesses, freelancers or anyone needing just one hosting account.

Per Month, USD.

  • Up-to 30 accounts

  • Best for small to mid-level agencies, businesses, developers and web designers.

Per Month, USD.

  • Up-to 50 accounts

  • Best for mid-level businesses and large agencies that are growing.

Per Month, USD.

  • Up-to 100 Accounts
    Additional accounts cost $0.225 each

  • Best for data centers, enterprise-level businesses and larger web hosts.


While provisioning your server, simply choose the cPanel/WHM template and it will be automatically installed after the server is created!

  1. Choose your application

    Choose an application to install and run on an optimized server.

  2. One-click to the install app

    The one-click option easily installs the latest version on your cloud instance.

  3. Configuring cPanel

    Having trouble finalizing? Complete your configuration with the help of the fully-managed support team.

Frequent Questions

A few answers to your questions, feel free to contact us if you have any further questions

  • Do suspended accounts count towards the user account?

    Yes, All active and Suspended cPanel® accounts will count towards the total number of accounts on a cPanel® license.

  • Do you expect the pricing model to change?

    We are not aware of, or anticipating, any further price changes at this time. We will notify all users of any changes to the cPanel® pricing provided here.

  • Do you have cPanel for Dedicated Servers?

    Yes, we do. The cPanel license for a Dedicated server goes for $39 per month.

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