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Why use cPanel DNSOnly®?

The cPanel DNSOnly® software allows you to run a dedicated physical nameserver. It is the simplest version of cPanel & WHM and only replicates DNS zones to your other servers.

Server Configuration

Basic WebHost Manager Setup — This interface allows you to change basic WHM options.

Security Center

Configure cPHulk, Host Access Control, Manage root’s SSH Keys, SSH Password Authorization Tweak.

Service Configuration

WordPress comes packed with a lot of features for every user. For every feature that’s not in WordPress core, there’s a plugin directory with thousands of plugins.


How to install your free application on an optimized server?

  1. Choose your application

    Choose an application to install and run on an optimized server.

  2. One-click to the install app

    The one-click option easily installs the latest version on your cloud instance.

  3. Configuring cPanel DNSOnly®

    Having trouble finalizing? Complete your configuration with the help of the full-managed support team.

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