Capture the status of your virtual server at any point in time to help create quick & easy backups.

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Why use snapshots?

If something goes wrong in your server with new updates or etc it is always good to have a snapshot ready. Snapshots can take you back to the point in time before the error occurred and grant you a second attempt at saving your server from corruption. It can also be used to help with creating quick backups. Taking a snapshot does not affect the bandwidth of your virtual server and can capture large volumes of data at the same time.

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From creating snapshots, to restoring them and to deleting them the process is quite convenient and less time consuming.

Create multiple snapshots

You can create multiple snapshots of your server and take your server back in time if you ever get a step wrong

Short-term failbacks

Snapshot allows short-term failbacks during patching and upgrading software.

  1. Name Your Snapshot

    Type a suitable name for your snapshot for later reference

  2. Click to take the snapshot

    Click on the button Take Snapshot to initiate the snapshotting process

  3. Monitor progress

    Be patient as your files are been backed-up, once all processes are complete the status icon will change to Built.


How much does it cost to take a snapshot on my instance



USD, per GB per month*

new Deploy a server with snapshots

Looking for automated backups?

Check out automated backups

*Pricing for snapshots on promotional plans may vary