Network-wide DDoS protection, up to 1 Tb/s

Continous DDoS protection at the network level, with all services offered

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Up to Layer 7 protection

DDoS protection is available as a paid always-on mode

  • Always on

    Always on mode ensures your routing from our datacenter to your location is 100% DDoS protected up to layer 7. Always on mode requires you to purchase a DDoS protected IP in addition to your existing non-DDoS protected IP.

    Unlike on-demand DDoS protection, your IP will not be null routed on DDoS attacks where you will stay online before, while and after the attack

    Note: DDoS protected uplinks will have a minimum spike in latency than usual connectivity latency to your server since it's routed over a different network and also blocks ICMP requests at times


Always on DDoS pricing

Get layer 7 DDoS protection of up to 1 Tb/s and never think about your servers being affected by cyber attacks

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Per IP Address
Always on DDoS

Per Month*

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  • Up to 1 Tb/s protection
  • Up to layer 7 protection
  • 1 Gb/s bandwidth uplink
  • 24/7/365 protection
  • No null routing IPs

*DDoS pricing for promotional plans may vary