The CloudCone Story

Friendly Robots & A.I. Humans, but what's more to our brand? Find out what goes down and who stands behind the scenes at CloudCone.

We're on a mission to create an unmatched stack of cloud services that collaborate to provide the most scalable infrastructure for your online presence, fully managed by friendly humans.

Vision & Values

We believe that our services and our technology can bring positive change to many startups, small businesses, software and web applications. Our vision is to change the way that business and IT run, for the better.

Innovation & Originality

We’re confident enough to move forward with originality in our services and innovative thinking in our minds.

Honesty & Integrity

We value being able to maintain transparent honesty & deliver what we promise with integrity, with no room for misconceptions.

Equality & Respect

We respect all our employees and customers belonging to different backgrounds and treat them all equally.

Why Choose Us

We strive to deliver a perfect stack of servers, capable of achieving your ideal levels of performance and reliability. But why choose CloudCone? Because at CloudCone we offer scalability right at the moment of deploying your server so you only have to pay for what you use. We have also made the process of deploying servers super convenient.

  • Cloud Servers

    High performance, fully managed cloud servers for powerful computing.

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  • Dedicated Servers

    Fully managed DDoS Protected Dell dedicated machines with dedicated resources, deployed in a day

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  • Private Hypervisors

    Deploy virtual servers in your bare metal server, manage your private cloud environment in a few clicks.

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Our Data Centers

Our data centers provide comprehensive redundancy in electrical power, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression (FM-200), double electrical power plants, UPS battery power and diesel-powered generators to each valuable hypervisor with your data.


Equiped with devoted coolers that are on the side of the building backed by a collection of 11 HVAC water cooled systems as well; operated by AI software.


Electrical power is supplied through two active lines which are linked to separate Diesel Generators and backed up by two redundant UPS.


Bare minimum of 192 lines of dark fiber among each divergent path to numerous carrier buildings guarantees network stability and reliability 24/7.

Our Customers

From entrepreneurs to bloggers, to web developers to software engineers; Anyone who needs a powerful & stable online platform is a customer to us.

Excellent cloud hosting. Good speeds; Best pricing and charging.

cloudcone about us customer
Dâniêl Nyanumba
Former Chief Technology Officer at Advanta Africa

Great support team and I get good hardware for a really low price. Highly recommended.

cloudcone about us customer
Michael Kwan
Web Developer

They offer 100% uptime, great speed, and maximum security so that your website is always active, and you do not lose traffic.

cloudcone about us customer
Sara Nisevic

CloudCone paid strict attention to my needs and addressed it promptly. I was back up and running in no time. THANK YOU CLOUDCONE!!

cloudcone about us customer
Da Consigliere
Network Operations Engineer

This is the best hosting provider in the world with world class and lovely customer support. Thank you CloudCone for having an awesome support team.

cloudcone about us customer
Mooney Queen
Social Media Marketing World

They are great, their service is affordable and customizable, they have a rich control panel with every important thing you need, they are complete. I am satisfied.

cloudcone about us customer
Muhammad Rohsin Al Razi
CEO & Founder at Skarbol

Guys, it’s not advertising, but when we like a service, we’re happy to spread the word. The services of CloudCone are excellent. Congratulations on the team!!

cloudcone about us customer
Daniel Accorsi
Analyst & Software Developer

One of the best cloud infrastructure companies. Using it for my entire network of companies to give reliable solutions to my clients. Super customer support too!

cloudcone about us customer
Shadir Hisham
CEO at RevPort

Our Journey

The Inspiration

CloudCone was born from the inspiration and success of Quadcone. Quadcone was launched in 2012. It grew over four years, earning faithful clients and with improvements to the initial cloud products.

CloudCone Launch

In 2017, we launched CloudCone on a much larger scale with the vision of changing the way IT & Business run for the better. Our initial goal was to reach as many countries and cities as possible all over the globe. 

A Few Milestones Along the Way

As CloudCone expanded, we deployed over 150,000 cloud instances all around the world, acquired over 4000 affiliates, became an official cPanel partner and launched our mobile app on Android.

Journey Ahead

Our goal long term is to deliver an enhanced Cloud Experience by transferring our technology completely to SSD & acquiring more datacenters in new locations across the European, African & Asian regions.

Office Branches

  • USA
  • Sri Lanka

CloudCone LLC.
30 N GOULD ST STE 6329
Sheridan, WY 82801


Reach out to us at any time by dropping an e-mail. We are available 24/7.