VPS Reseller Platform

A White Labeled VPS Management Platform to accelerate your reseller business where you can buy cloud resources in bulk to create as many VPS's as you need.

Get Started At $50 $15/MO

Scale up or down to estimate costs on bulk cloud resources. You can deploy multiple VMs from the resources that you pick.

CPU (min 1 cores)




DISK (min 20 GB)


IPv4 Address


Deploy Partner Account

A minimum commitment of just $50.00 /month $15.00 /month (Early Bird Offer) is required to start on this platform. Please choose resources to match this value.


Platform Features

Everything you need to run your 'VPS Reseller Hosting Service' along with a feature-rich control panel & WHMCS intergration.

White labeled

Your clients will be able to fully manage a VPS with your brand under your custom domain

Pay as you go

Purchase cloud resources, and build your own packages or cloud servers within those resources

Scale Resources

Upgrade or downgrade VPS resources at bulk depending on your client's requirements

Intel® CPUs

You get the full power of Intel Xeon Silver series or Xeon E5 series for high speed computing

Quick Management

Reboot, boot, shutdown, suspend or unsuspend your client's server with just a click of a button


Advanced dashboards provide detailed view of critical information on your cloud resources

Root Access

Full 'root' access giving you complete freedom to manage your server through KVM VNC

Automatic Backups

Say goodbye to data loss risks and enjoy your peace of mind with our reliable automated backups


Capture your virtual server at any given point in time to help create quick backups or templates

OS Re-installation

Rebuild your virtual server from a library of new Operating System templates and start fresh

Cloud Firewall

Create a secure environment to keep your servers safe by controlling traffic with a set of predetermined rules

Partner Dashboard

Our dashboard is used to deploy and manage the resources ordered through your partner account. Each VPS deployed will have its own white-labeled management page as well. Control all aspects of your reseller business and your client's VPS.

White Labeled Branding

Resellers may use their own custom domain and brand on this platform, without any mention of CloudCone. The End-user UI is fully customizable with HTML, CSS or JavaScript, to give a unique look and feel to your client's screen.

WHMCS Module & API

Resellers can utilize WHMCS or any other preferred alternative billing software to take full advantage of this Partner Platform. Easily integrate CloudCone’s WHMCS module (not mandatory) through our powerful JSON API.

Pay-as-you-go Model

Get started on your reseller business at an affordable entry-level price point. We provide discounted rates for bulk cloud resources. Want to acquire more? Simply scale-up and deploy more VPSs within the extended limits.

Developed with your Reseller Business in mind

We tailored everything for your reseller business with more handy features. Come have a chat with us to learn more about how our 'Partner Platform' can improve your business.

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  • Generate Links & Share

    Access the white-labeled VPS Management Page with a secure HS256 based JWT authenticated link. Share this link to let your client automatically sign-in.

  • Multiple Brands In One

    We can enable our resellers to use multiple brands under one partner account. This helps to better manage your resources. Contact our support to learn more.

  • Datacenter in LA, USA

    Our data centers in Los Angeles, USA provide comprehensive stability in power, cooling and network security to each valuable hypervisor with your client's data.

  • Customized VPS

    Customize Your VPS

    This fully fledged platform allows complete freedom on how you want to use the resources you picked. Create, destroy, rebuild, shutdown, reboot, suspend, unsuspend and more on your client’s virtual servers.

    Keep 100% control on your cloud resources and features.

  • Automated Backups

    Automated Backups

    Take automated backups with custom backup schedules or take a quick snapshot of the VPS and restore it. All of this can be done through our VPS management platform, or right through WHMCS for your customer.

    You have the option to sell it as an add-on feature to your cilents.

  • Managed Firewall

    Managed Firewall

    Firewall helps your clients to safe guard the VPS from unauthorized access. Your customers can manage firewall rules right through WHMCS, allowing them control over all traffic of the VPS.

    You have the option to sell it as an add-on feature to your cilents.

  • Application Recipes

    Application Recipes

    Choose a set of applications your clients love for them to pick from. Everything from DevOps webplatfoms to collabration tools can be pre-packaged into bundles for your valuble customers.

    Set custom CPU, RAM and disk to better manage resources.

  • Snapshot Template

    Snapshot Template

    Create a snapshot from a pre-configured server and allow your clients to reuse it as a template. These can be handy to quickly launch a server from a save point.

    Maintain multiple save points & re-deploy them, if needed.

Further Reduction On Costs

Once you have reach a commitment of $500 per month, gain more cloud resources by migrating your VPSs to your own private hypervisor. Save up to 50% on all extra resources added to your partner account. Migrations are seamless and don't require any downtime.

Switch to your own private hypervisor
Savings up to


On Cloud Resources

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  • Dual CPU Silver 4110
  • 16 Cores, 32 Threads
  • Max Frequency 3.00 GHz 
  • 128 GB of ECC RAM 
  • 2 TB of SSD (RAID-1)
  • Free Snapshots & Backups
  • 70 TB bandwidth at 1Gbps
  • 128 IPv4 addresses

Read Our White Paper

Check out this white paper to better understand if this product fits your reseller business.

Download white paper 

Sign up to deploy your reseller platform.

  1. Pick your resources in bulk.

    Select your desired CPU, RAM, disk, with any necessary add-ons, and click on 'Place Order'.

  2. Approval for ordered resources.

    Our team will contact you via email or a support ticket to verify & process your order in less than 48hrs.

  3. Credentials for your platform.

    Check your email for the username & password. Your new 'partner account' should be listed here: View ↗

Frequently Asked Questions

A few answers to your questions. Feel free to contact us if you have more.

  • What is this Platform about?

    This is a white-labeled platform that allows you to purchase bulk cloud resources and provides you with a powerful control panel to create feature rich VPSs for your clients.

  • What are the main features a reseller receives?

    Here are a few of our top features: white-labeling, WHMCS integration, pay-as-you-go pricing, access to API, snapshots, automated backups, scalable resources, quick login links for clients, recipe templates, firewall and much more.

  • What are the main features your client receives?

    We bring the best experience for your clients with feature-rich VPSs, branded end-user control panel, automated backups, snapshots, firewall, advanced statistics, VNC, etc.

  • Can this platform be integrated with 3rd party billing tools?

    Yes, out of the box WHMCS module or any other 3rd party billing panel can be integrated into the platform through our powerful API. The WHMCS module integration is recommended.

  • Do I need to manage hardware to use this platform?

    No you wouldn't have to. All the physical hardware is fully managed by us which is covered by our SLA.

  • Can I use my existing brand on the Partner Platform?

    Yes, definitely. Your Partner Account will allow any individual to use their own branded domain on this platform. The End-user UI is fully customizable through HTML, CSS & Javascript.

  • Does CloudCone’s support policy cover the reseller’s client?

    Our support does not extend to your client’s VPS. However our support team will be available to help you get started with your Partner Account.

  • Does CloudCone store your client’s personal information?

    We do not store any personal or sensitive data (ex:email, names, etc) produced by your clients. Our Partner Platform utilizes a HS256 based JWT authentication per request, which doesn't require your client to login.

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