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Why SSD is faster?

SSD or Solid State Drive is a super fast storage medium that uses flash memory as opposed to a magnetic memory. The name Solid State is due to the fact that they do not use moving elements when storing. The technology is very similar to flash drives. The absence of moving elements and hence not being vulnerable to breakage improves the performance of an SSD. They’re typically six times as fast as an HDD.

SSDs are faster

The primary advantage of SSD storage is its speed.

SSDs reduce bootup time

Typically in the use of SSDs, the time taken for the OS to boot up is between 10-13 seconds. HDDs would take up to a minute on average.

Website load time

Media heavy websites will excel. On average a typical HDD will have about 300MBPS while SSDs pushes the boundary up-to 1GBPS in both read and write speeds

Why not HDD Storage?

Disks store all your data, when the disk is faster, it supports your server's CPU to execute tasks much faster unlike in HDD where it waits for the disks to respond on a heavy workload

HDD, on the other hand, works flawless if your site does not have much traffic or much of processing to do

If your application performs slow on HDD, you can always switch* to SSD on request, and no, there will be no downtime during the switch ?

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