We’re launching our Reseller Platform pretty soon and we thought of putting together a list of the best tips and strategies that can get you to the top of the reseller hosting game. So keep reading!


Table of contents

#1 Why follow tips and strategies?
#2 Find the right niche
#3 Plan your products and packages
#4 Draw up an extensive marketing plan
#5 Bank on really good support
#6 Show trustworthiness
#7 Invest in a great billing system
#8 Get the best use of your reseller platform
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Why follow tips and strategies?

The process of creating a successful reseller, or any business for that matter, starts even before you launch it. So following a few tested and true tips, strategies and guidelines will help you figure out how and where exactly to start this process.

Find the right niche


The first step in making your business successful is making sure you have a strong grip on the audience you’re providing to. In order to achieve that strong grip it’s important to narrow down your audience as much as possible. Imagine grabbing a handful of grains. If you grab more than your hand could hold, a portion of grain will slip through the cracks of your grip. And while trying to regain them, you might end up letting more grains slip through the cracks. This is a lot like what happens when you fail to pick a profitable niche. If you try to cater to a more generalized group of customers, as your business grows it might be harder to cater to all their specific requirements. And the key to great customer experience is specializing your service. So if you’re unable to specialize your service simply due to your audience being too big, you’ll be missing out on an important aspect of building a successful business. You will find your business much easier to manage and grow by catering to a targeted niche. Examples of niches are web developers, software developers, startups, bloggers, affiliates etc.

Plan your products and packages


After determining your niche a logical next step would be to plan in detail what your products, product packages and other features of your business will be. This comes after you’ve figured out a niche because at this point you’re fully aware of who will be buying your VMs. So you can create VMs and other services that will cater to their specific needs. You can design surveys to find out what products are in demand among your target audience, or join forums to get people’s opinions directly.

Draw up an extensive marketing plan

This is an obvious strategy but an important one nevertheless. And although everyone knows how important marketing is to the growth of a business, some tend to overlook the value of having a detailed marketing plan. Having a detailed plan to market your business helps you properly manage the budget that you have allocated for marketing. Keep reviewing and adding trial and error notes about experimental strategies, to this plan as your business grows.

Bank on really good support


How you treat customers is key when it comes to just about any business. And the easiest way to make sure that customers don’t abandon you is to not abandon them. And by this we mean that you should strengthen your support. Our platform enables you to access client servers and provide support for them even when you don’t have an internet connection. This allows you to maintain consistency in providing support which will in turn boost your reliability and trust. There are of course other ways in which you can improve support. One of them is by personalizing support and adding event triggers to show that there are many ways in which your customers can receive support. An example of this would be them creating their first server and you automating a message using chat prompt, congratulating them and asking if they need help. It’s also important to maintain transparency.

Show trustworthiness

You can have all these great things going for your business like great support, great marketing, and great products, but one thing that customers seek when looking for a host is trustworthiness. You may be a legitimate provider but unless you have something to show for your sincerity customers will have their doubts about giving you a chance. To make it easy for them to give you a chance, add SSL certificates and trust seals to your website.

Invest in a great billing system


A great billing system is not only convenient in the short term, it’s also a growth facilitator in the long run. The reason is your ability to automate billing processes which will allow your business to accommodate growth. It will also make your business look more professional.

With us you can install WHMCS for all your billing purposes. Our reseller platform is 100% compatible with WHMCS integration. You can also opt to use other software like HostBill or integrate a custom platform of your choice using our API.

Get the best use of your reseller platform

Reseller platforms are built with exclusive features that can fine tune your business in every possible way. So it’s never a bad time to check them out and utilize the platform to its highest potential. We offer a wide range of features on our reseller platform. This post has a detailed breakdown of all our features. Our goal is to make sure that everything you need for your reseller business is available with minimum effort on your side. 

And to make sure that you get the best out of our platform without missing out on a single feature we’ve included Business Cloud Support. This is a personalized consultation platform which assigns a dedicated member of our support team to help with your requests. This way you can ensure that all your concerns regarding our solution are addressed. You will be able to stay well informed about all our features and it’ll be much easier for you to work your way through the platform.  

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