iot and cloud computing

IoT is a wonderful concept because it allows regular objects you use to be connected to the internet which in turn boosts their overall potential. Once connected to the internet, objects have the potential to help you by aiding in data collection to boost convenience. For this reason IoT is increasingly becoming a crucial technology in different fields including business.

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#1 What exactly is IoT?
#2 Why do businesses use IoT?
#3 Cloud Computing is the future of IoT
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What exactly is IoT?

The Internet of Things. Quite simply, this concept refers to the idea of connecting objects to the internet and networking them to complete certain tasks. Any object can be a viable IoT device be it a mobile phone, surveillance camera, an air conditioner or even a washing machine. It has the ability to turn any regular object into a smart device that aids in gathering and analyzing information.

Why do businesses use IoT?

iot and cloud computing

There are countless reasons as to why data-centered technologies should be adopted by businesses that are aiming for growth and long term success. A survey of 361 executives across 11 countries has concluded that 94% of these executives outlined achieving IoT-inclusive digital transformation as a top strategic goal for their organization. Another study conducted by Gartner has indicated that 80% of the surveyed organizations are receiving highly positive results from adopting IoT technology.

While this proves that IoT certainly aligns with company goals and organizational operations around the world, statistics also show that IoT can given a significant boost to your company revenues.

iot and cloud computing

Benefits experienced by businesses using IoT

In the next few years, IoT in business is set to generate $344 billion in additional revenue while reducing costs by $177 billion. The IoT device market is also a promising venture for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors to focus on with the rise of not only smart businesses but also smart homes. Statistics show that the smart home global market will reach up to $53 billion by 2022.

With the prevailing COVID-19 situation experts recommend a prolonged condition of social distancing and remote working even after the intense pandemic waves are mitigated. The need for smart homes and home automation is only bound to spike with the rapidly increasingly need for virtual entertainment, virtual connection and constant awareness while staying physically isolated. 

Cloud Computing is the future of IoT

iot and cloud computing

Similar to IoT, Cloud Computing is a fast growing technology that is becoming more and more crucial in shifting organizations to a more adaptive front. The two concepts are also similar in their ability to deliver convenience to users. For this reason entrepreneurs, executives and other experts have begun to view the combination of IoT and Cloud Computing as a key to business success in big data collection, analysis, storage, management and supervision. And we have already covered as to why big data is a powerful player in the future of business.

So how does Cloud Computing facilitate and enhance the use of IoT?

High accessibility and scalability

The biggest case for using Cloud Computing to host and network IoT devices is it’s scalability and high accessibility. Because IoT devices are expected to collect massive bodies of data at unpredictable times, it’s important to host IoT devices on a platform that is accessible from anywhere in the world and will not crumble under the size of the data coming in.

Enter Cloud Computing.

Data generated through IoT has a lot to do with variety. Various types of intricate data and being extracted from all over the world during the most common day-to-day processes and tasks such as shopping, driving etc. To deal with such meticulous data extraction, the worldwide availability and accessibility of cloud platforms is essential.

iot and cloud computing

Significant cost reduction

Cloud Computing technology has the ability to host billions of IoT devices, as is the case in the world right now, without having the companies or individuals who own them, to incur the extra costs of physical storage space. Imagine you owned a retail store and you decided to omit the use of cashiers and salespeople to minimize staffing costs. You can install sensors in your store that can detect when a product has been picked up and proceed to add that item into the customers cart.

Amazon Go has adopted this same concept in its stores and it has truly given customers a convenient shopping experience. They don’t have to wait at check out whatsoever. They can simply pick up products and leave the store. The items will be billed to their bank account.

Such use cases of IoT also prove that the massive bodies of data collected by these sources cannot be hosted on physical infrastructure without incurring billions of unnecessary maintenance costs. They can only be efficiently hosted on a cloud platform. The benefit is cost reduction by a dramatic margin.

Security for your data

iot and cloud computing

When it comes to safeguarding data from breaches and natural disasters, Cloud Computing is key. Since its a virtual technology the risk of being affected by natural disasters is much less when compared to physical dedicated infrastructure. However, private cloud solution providers also provide DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) as a feature of their solutions to reinforce the data security of companies who host with them. If you’re planning on hosting IoT devices for your business in 2021, we provide the true private cloud solution that you need.

IoT gathers sensitive data through and through. Keeping them safe at a rate fast and reliable enough to match the rate of data collection, can only be done through modern technologies like Cloud Computing. Cloud security is constantly monitored, audited and updated to be able to defend against new threats and hackers. Updating physical servers and infrastructure does not happen that often owing to their fixed locations and access restrictions.

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Hosting IoT and big data are not the only occasions where cloud computing becomes a life-saving option. Find out how we’re able to help your work flow seamlessly during the prevailing circumstances.

If your startup or business wants to thrive in 2021 you would have to adopt to technologies that are suited for the future of business and information technology. Cloud computing is the future of business be it when it comes to IoT and otherwise. Choose wisely, choose cloud.

Good luck and reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions, or general feedback.