Status page

We’re a company that cares deeply about keeping our users informed at all times. This is why maintaining a proactive and appealing status page is important to keep our users aware of maintenance schedules and incidents.

Statuspal allows us to host an effective status page that is both pleasing to the eye and efficient in communication. You’re able to view graphs of your uptime history, subscribe to notifications, and import and display your metrics from third party software.

Statuspal also allows HTTP monitoring, eliminating the need for external monitoring services. With this feature you’re even able to automate incident creation and display response time charts on your status page for users to see. Another amazing perk of using Statuspal is that they allow us to communicate messages to our clients in their own language; Yes, Statuspal has multi-language support.

With all of these amazing features Statuspal has helped us create an effective status page to consistently keep our users aware of incidents and maintenance. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our status page updates today!

See you soon in a new blog post!