A hosting control panel is a tool used to manage all facets of a hosting service. The main purpose of this tool would be to provide the user access to execute complex admin processes in just a few clicks from the admin interface. Whereas web server migrations and switching are few of the many advanced tasks that are possible to perform with the help of a hosting control panel.

Checklist for your new control panel

Before choosing a control panel it is important for the panel to provide an easily manageable user interface along with platform independence. The selected control panel should be cost effective whereas it should also support any required software or features that should be installed on the server. Stability and security of the server is of great importance as it may affect the business if not maintained properly.

Bearing such aspects in mind let’s look at the top five choice selected by expert Ryan Frankel.

  1. cPanel & WHM ranked number one on the list as it’s the most widely used hosting control panel. This includes a user level interface along with a server management interface where when paired offers exceptional hosting, site management and administration tool for the potential end user.
  2. Plesk is yet another leading control panel in the US that has managed to capture a good 75% to 80% of the European market. Supporting both Linux and Windows, it also comes in various editions each tailor made for determined hosting cases.
  3. Direct Admin is a lightweight control panel which supports Linux including all basic features of a control panel.
  4. Ranked in 4th place Core-Admin was created as a solution to provide support in terms of managing multi user- servers via a single web administration console including a complex permission and monitoring system.
  5. InterWorx lands itself in number five to provide two package versions; NodeWorx to manage a server and SiteWorx to manage a site. Providing a command line interface, InterWox possesses a good plugin system allowing swift installs of applications.

With the expert’s knowledge, it’s safe to opt for one out of the two initial choices mentioned above considering the requirement and other aspects complimenting it.