Few days ago we talked about our Affiliate panel and we’ve been on the desks coding day and night and finally, we have released it!
Here’s where we hid it ?

You can click there to enroll your profile onto the affiliate program, we offer 10% commission for each friend you refer.

  1. Once you enroll you will get your unique affiliate ID
  2. Send your friends in with the ID attached to any of our URLs
  3. Once he load up funds, your affiliate panel will automatically update

Next… RwarDNS

rDNS can now be updated on our control panel, the new rDNS function is under the “Networking” tab on the VM manage page.

That’s all for now, our CDN is undergoing heavy testing at the moment, to ensure a better product with little to no ?, we will have more in the coming months stay tuned and thank you for being awesome.