Hi all,

COVID-19 is getting intense and has been declared a pandemic by the W.H.O.

CloudCone has granted all our employees the right to work from home. Accordingly, our physical offices have closed until further notice. We have taken this step with the social responsibility to safeguard our community from being exposed to any additional risk of infection and danger.


Typically, CloudCone operations are carried out remotely by the majority of our team. Since day one of service, we have picked software and developed automated in-house workflows to facilitate the “work-from-anywhere” concept.

Grateful for this nature of operation, we assure you that the quality of our products and the 24/7 availability of our support will not weaken at any instance.

I’m sure the teams are going to miss the social engagement at the office. However, we shall continue to operate remotely for at least the next two weeks; this will be revised as the COVID-19 situation goes under control.

Stay safe. Stay aware and stay indoors.