Ever since Armstrong set foot on the moon, we all crave for the thought of “does that mean we are going to mars?” As ironic as it may sound, I guess we are! Well, it’s official! Humans are actually going to mars. NASA has unveiled their expedition and confirms possible journey to the Red planet. Undertaking the mission of turning dreams into reality comes with an abundance of challenges with that said after multiple scientific breakthroughs, knowledge and determination, humans are finally ready.

NASA five part plan

According to NASA we as of now are in phase 0 which includes conducting further tests and joining hands with private space companies. Phase I is intended to last up to 2025 beginning from 2018 where six SLS rockets will be launched and tested. The SLS rockets are made to deliver components of the Deep Space Gateway (DSG) which is in fact a new space stop built near the moon for astronauts to drop by on their way to mars.

Phase II on the other hand is set to launch the Deep Space Transport (DST) in 2027 or probably in 2029 where astronauts will be inhabiting the tube for more than a staggering 400 days. Phase III is allocated to restock all the necessities at the DST. Phase IV is alas the trip to mars itself in 2033.

Dreams of multiple generation turning into reality is just 16 years away where obstacles beyond the budget is certainly what the mission to mars includes. It’s extremely vital to make sure astronauts are happy and healthy throughout their journey given the fact that in the end of the day they will not be in touch with their beloved. So yeah, humans are definitely going to mars with a lot of air, food and some H2O.