Opening a new website? Or generally concerned if you made the right domain name choice? In any case, you would want to read up on how to select a good domain name for your website and why it’s important.

During my own research I came across a few common problems admins face after making a poor domain name choice. Here are some of them;

Having hyphens and/or numbers in the domain name

Imagine Instagram was “Insta-gram” instead. The site’s name would not have come up often in casual conversation owing to the effort required to get its name across to a potential user. Hence, a lesser number of people would have accessed this site resulting in a lower count of users.

If you used a number in the domain name or is planning to, keep in mind, that’s a bad idea too. When typing it in, a user wouldn’t know if to type it in the numeral form or the verbal form. This could result in him/her being directed to another website instead of yours. A number would also be difficult to convey for the same reason of confusing its numeral form with its verbal form.

Having to change the domain name later

Make sure you have the long-term functions of your website outlined and included in your domain name. If for example, your website is called but you’re planning on also selling garage supplies eventually, you would have to change it in the future. Changing a registered domain name could cost more than just money and it will be a tiring process.

If you never thought selecting a domain name has so many limitations, at this point you must be wondering how to pick a good domain name. Here’s how;

  • Choose a name that’s easy to type and therefore easy to find
  • Using keywords would be beneficial in SEO
  • Keep the domain name concise
  • Choose a name that would stand out, rather than something generic
  • Avoid using hyphens and/or numbers
  • Research for its availability
  • Use an extension that people are familiar with like .com

After reading these tips you must be asking yourself “Is it really worth all that?” and “What’s the real importance of a good domain name?”. Here’s why it’s important;

It establishes your brand

If your domain name and your business name are the same, it will be easier for potential clients who heard about your service, to find you on the web. The internet being today’s main medium for making connections, such ease of access would reinforce your brand.

Fuels SEO

With the right usage of keywords in your domain name, SEO won’t be much difficult. The choice of a simple and concise domain name too would lead to a noticeable boost in the SEO process.

Creates a good first impression

Given that your domain name is the first aspect of your website that greets a viewer and a potential client, it will make a lasting first impression on them. A catchy but simple domain name will win a better place in the viewer’s memory, making it easier for them to visit the site more often and for them to spread the word more easily.

I hope you find these tips and points helpful. Good luck with your new domain name! Reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.