WordPress is great! We use it everyday to design websites much faster – however, we do receive requests from clients reporting that their WordPress sites are hacked – but how?

Well there are many reasons for a WP site to get defaced (in other words hacked) which could be:

  1. Old and outdated plugins
  2. Nulled plugins that you download off the internet when you are lazy to pay for it.
  3. Vulnerabilities in plugins that lets a hacker inject their code snippets onto your site and take control over it
  4. more more more more more stuff on the list

How do we protect you against these stuff?

It’s nothing technical, we have all our clients setup a security plugin called iThemes Security Pro¬†licensed by us that we trust in so you can have a hacker free WordPress site.

All our clients have unlimited access to this plugin for free for life (or at least until you stick with us ?). If you are already one of our valued clients and need to have this plugin on every single WordPress site that you have, buzz us a chat and we will get you the plugin and activate PRO mode for you on every single one of them.

What protection does it offer?

Shown below is a list of features offered by the plugin you get


Taken from iThemes Security website

Once again it is free for unlimited sites forever, chat with us to get your WP secured and pumped up.