While we all think that free email services are better because we don’t have to pay for the service, we tend to ignore the downsides to it. Free email is not all good. Since you don’t own the domain and hence does not have full control over it, there is a big chance for you to face certain issues when using a free service rather than a paid one. Here’s why paid email solutions are better for your organization:

Give paid email a shot

Zero management issues

Inbox management can be a huge problem when you own a business. That is why paid email makes sure that you don’t have to deal with managements issues like having your inbox under control when its impossible. Paid email solutions make it easy to deal with all your emails without feeling any guilt of having piles of unmanaged folders.

No IP Blacklisting

You don’t want your mail to end up in the client’s spam folder. IP blacklisting makes it difficult to avoid the spam folder detour. But with paid email this issue can be solved. Your IP will be properly configured so as not to allow any type of spam being sent to your clients hence evading blacklisting.

High deliverability rate

Your deliverability rate is the amount of emails out of all that you sent, which are most likely to be delivered to their destinations. Free email services let a number of factors interfere with this process given that you do not own full control of your email server. However paid email eliminates all these factors and ensures that your emails have a high deliverability rate.

Easy administration

Another obvious pro to owning your email server is the ease in administration. You wouldn’t have to worry about external entities interfering with the communication flow between you and your clients.

Paying to obtain your email server is worth all its benefits in an age where business- client communication is at its most crucial. Luckily for you, CloudCone will soon be introducing our Cloud Mail solutions to bring you all these amazing features! We hope to bring you an awesome experience 😀