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Table of Contents:

#1 What went down on Black Friday 2019
#2 How Cloud DevOps came to the rescue
#3 What went into building this system
#4 So meet our Cloud DevOps
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It was the morning of Black Friday and the orders were coming in their hundreds.

Having sent out our offers early on the 29th of November 2019, our support team was now monitoring the orders. Seeing successful order after successful order being processed, with a warm cup of coffee by their side, put everyone in their best spirits.

Over the months leading up to the big event, our team had put in one hundred percent to make sure our users got the best out of it and nothing less. We strived to create the most efficient plans that could deliver the highest value at the lowest possible price. And now it was time to unravel these deals and impress our users. All was good and going according to plan amidst the hectic but welcome Black Friday madness. 

It was then that our team noticed it. Something was off. The orders that were going through smoothly just a second ago were now starting to fail one by one. Simultaneously, users began opening tickets mentioning that they were unable to provision servers. There was something wrong and with the gateway now blocked by new orders, a bottleneck was also created. From that point onwards it didn’t take too long for things to get out of control. The processing was overwhelmed in a way we’ve never experienced.

Within seconds the system crumbled under this pressure and crashed.

Our team, for a hot minute, was at a loss. We didn’t know what to do next. We’re human after all. Gone was the thrill of seeing successful order after successful order. The warm coffees were all left to grow cold. All that was left to do was to get everyone together for a quick meeting. We were desperate for a solution.

Thankfully that solution came sooner than expected. As soon as the meeting was called all teams assembled and began brainstorming. And not even five minutes into the session, one of our developers came up with the most wonderful idea.

How Cloud DevOps came to the rescue

Soon everyone was back in their seats, all smiles, sipping coffee and typing away at their keyboards. The orders were all being sent through. The Cloud DevOps team’s plan has worked perfectly. 

Cloud DevOps

That plan was to build an order queuing system. Our DevOps member suggested that we direct all requests to our innate infrastructure and build a new module in the ordering system so that new orders will be placed in a queue. Everyone loved the idea. Soon the entire team lit up with tips and strategies needed to pull this off smoothly.

Everyone got to work. The Cloud DevOps team started building and carrying out testing for the queueing system while the support team began handling the orders and processing them manually for the time being. It was a project that required everyone to come together in a splendid show of teamwork and dedication.  

Within minutes, we spun up an amazingly resilient order queuing system. 

What went into building this system

Our Cloud DevOps team lives by the idea of “Friendly robots and A.I. humans, giving it 100% and delivering 100%”. So when things started going south on Black Friday 2019 it was instinct to get all hands on deck and double down. It was this commitment that went into creating a perfect solution as fast as possible. 

So meet our Cloud DevOps

Cloud DevOps

While we’re humbled by our experience on Black Friday 2019, the quick-witted nature of our Cloud DevOps team is the culmination of our continuous commitment to innovation. Here are some of our recent Cloud DevOps projects:

CloudCone Mobile App

The industry leading official mobile app from CloudCone is a testament to that commitment to innovation. The app was launched back in October 2019 and now comes with diverse features including Instant support, server management dashboard and in-app signup feature. This was one of our Cloud DevOps feats and the complete process of delivering the mobile app took over one year from inception to launch. Through this process our team dedicated their time, expertise, skill and creativity into delivering a truly spectacular mobile app.

Cloud DevOps

CloudCone REST API

The V2 of CloudCone’s REST API is soon to be released. The V1 of our REST API was released in 2017 and V2 has made a lot of improvements and changes to the original version. These include revamping and improving all existing methods as well as adding more methods to grab from the API. Another new feature is the addition of hosted email to the API. 

Of course there’s more to come and our Cloud DevOps team is constantly brainstorming to continue breaking trends with innovation. And we’ve got a few surprises coming your way in 2021. Look forward to it! In the meantime, reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions, or general feedback.

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