Black Friday

Another year, another exciting Black Friday season is around the corner. This year’s Black Friday event falls on the 27th of November and we’ve got just the right products and discounts in store for you on our Black Friday 2020 MEGA SALE.

It’s been quite a year. CloudCone and our users have faced and overcome a great many challenges together. So we decided to mark the biggest sale of the year by optimizing convenience and affordability with our VPS offers, dedicated machines, hosted email plans and all other CloudCone add-ons and features.

Table of Contents:

#1 What to expect?
#2 Where to find all the deals?
#3 Where our servers come from
#4 Our efficient pricing strategy
#5 Our other seasonal sales to look forward to
#6 Black Friday’s back story
#7 CloudCone 2019 Black Friday: How it happened last year
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CloudCone Black Friday MEGA SALE 2020:

What to expect?

In this MEGA SALE we’ll be bringing you high-spec enterprise grade SSD servers from our LA datacenters. So you’ll be able to experience insanely affordable pricing with 75%-80% off discounts, without a drop in our product quality. And because all our products are going on sale this year there’s plenty Black Friday offers to go around.

Where to find all the deals?

With everything we have in store for you this Black Friday we decided it’d be much easier for our users if all the deals were accessible from one place. It’s a MEGA SALE after all. Our email will let you choose your preferred plans and lead you to the corresponding landing page. You can navigate between these landing pages and choose as many plans as you want. Watch this space for all the upcoming seasonal campaigns.

Look out for more updates on the seasonal hype and keep track of what’s going down with regards to CloudCone Black Friday 2020 MEGA SALE on all our social media platforms as well. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to get right in the middle of this mega event 😄

Get your hands on premium hosting on Black Friday 2020

Where our servers come from

All our hardware are located in Los Angeles, California. Our data centers provide comprehensive redundancy in electrical power, heating and air conditioning (HVAC), fire suppression (FM-200), double electrical power plants, UPS battery power and diesel-powered generators to each valuable hypervisor with your data. 

You can read more on this on our About Us page

Our efficient pricing strategy

CloudCone boasts a super efficient, user-friendly system of pricing. Scalable pricing is a sought after feature in the VPS hosting industry with only a few to actually offer it. Most often, providers opt for package based pricing where you either have to settle for your server’s minimum requirements or pay extra for specs you don’t use. With our VPS, you’re able to create your own dream server with custom specs and pay exactly for what you use. In other words, you decide how much you want to pay.

Black Friday

Our price calculator for VPS

And this is not limited to our VPS. Dedicated servers can be upgraded and upscaled to fit your demands. All it takes is a quick message to our support team and we’re able to guide you from there. You can also switch to this efficient pricing system from any black Friday monthly plan and scale up as needed.

Our other seasonal sales to look forward to

Black Saturday

We don’t put all our eggs in one basket. Black Saturday is a different set of plans from Black Friday but with the same merits and discounts. Look out for this sale on Saturday the 28th of November 2020.

Cyber Monday

All the client favorite offers of the season will come back for another round on Cyber Monday. Make sure to check your email notifications on Monday the 30th of November 2020.

Story time

Black Friday’s back story

There are quite a few versions to the origin of Black Friday but a famous story is that during the 1950s it was used in Philadelphia to refer to the chaotic shopping that ensued after thanksgiving. Tourists and traffic that prevailed on this day gave room for disorder and even robbery to take place. It wasn’t until the 1980s that this negative connotation associated with the day was changed to a positive one. Retailers took the term and declared it a mega shopping experience so that the public may view this day in a better light.

Black Friday

CloudCone 2019 Black Friday: How it happened last year

Last year our Black Friday was a memorable experience for us and our clients. While in some ways it mimicked the chaotic nature of the original “Black Friday” it all ended well and positively.

While it began with server orders overwhelming our system and infrastructure, our team quickly pulled through. As soon as the issue struck, our team sat down for a quick brainstorming lightning session and figured out the best solution. During the session everyone put in their 100% and came up with a more organized order queueing system. With this solution we were able to reduce the bottleneck in our system and streamline the process of deploying servers. By the end of the day all orders got through 😃

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