Our Mobile App is now available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store! We launched the iOS version of the app on the 13th of January 2020. The long awaited Instant Support feature has also rolled out. Download the app today and experience the mobile app revolution of high availability Cloud Hosting.

Mobile App

Table of Contents for High Availability Cloud Hosting on Android and iOS.

#1 What is the CloudCone Mobile App?
#2 Why use a mobile app? Benefits of using a mobile app for Cloud Hosting
#3 Why choose us?
#4 What’s new?
#5 What’s next for the app?

Mobile App

#1 – What is the CloudCone Mobile App?

The mobile app is built as a client-centered high availability platform to manage all Cloud hosting Services more conveniently. You can use the app on your Android or iOS device to boot, reboot and shutdown your server. It also allows you to access a dashboard that provides an overview of your server information and specifications. Your billing-related activities can be viewed through the dashboard as well.

We just rolled out our Instant Support feature! You no longer have to sit down at your PC to contact our support team. You can simply drop in for a chat any time, anywhere whenever you have a concern. This is a much anticipated feature of our high availability cloud hosting mobile app and we’re excited for you to experience it!
Mobile App

#2 – Why use a mobile app?

You came so far without a mobile app so why use one now? Why is it so important? Why do we call it high availability cloud hosting mobile app? Here is a detailed breakdown of all the benefits of using a mobile app for cloud hosting:

The undeniable benefits of using a mobile app for Cloud Hosting:

Better Accessibility

No longer would you have to worry about needing to access your servers and manage them at inconvenient hours. The core advantage of having a mobile app is the convenience in accessing the platform any time at any place. With our app you’re able to manage your servers, view dashboards and even your billing activities whenever the need arises and reap the benefits of high availability.

Mobile App
Better Engagement

A mobile app is an easy, one-click-away platform to contact the support team whenever you want. The beta users of CloudCone’s cloud hosting platform loved this feature because it allowed them to resolve their concerns instantly as soon as they arose. It helped them get their work done faster and more efficiently than they were able to before. This has made the cloud hosting experience less stressful. This is another instance where we have optimized our ability to provide high availability of our services.

Instant Updates

Ever wished that it was easier to keep track of your server, updates, news and announcements without having to login to your account through the web each time? What’s great about mobile apps is you can activate push notifications to alert you instantly on updates and news on your Android or iOS device! With this feature you can put your constant worries to rest and focus on your work.

Increased Efficiency 

Your mobile phone is always on, almost always connected to the internet and always with you, enabling you to take your servers and all your work, wherever you go, on your Android or iOS. Apps are also much faster than loading pages from the web. All these reasons combined, gives our mobile app a boost in speed on your Android or iOS phone and saves your time. This level of mobile app convenience and high availability cloud hosting comes in handy when you’re out on business matters and makes it easier to integrate your servers, analytics, statistics etc into your business meetings and boosts your efficiency in making important decisions.

Mobile App

When accessing our products and services or those of competitors’ through the web it takes a considerable amount of time for the computer to turn on, boot and connect to the internet. Computers are also much slower than mobile devices in general. *When you want to get your work done fast, less time spent is better. That is why, in creating this chart and representing the time it takes to work on our app, we have deducted all this excess time and depicted the true speed, convenience and high availability of our mobile app.

#3 – Why choose us?

Why choose our high availability cloud hosting platform? Because only we’ve got one! We’ve done our research on where our mobile app stands in the cloud hosting industry. According to our findings, here is a comparison table with the only two other hosting providers in the industry with mobile apps to access their products and services: Digital Ocean and Linode

Mobile App

We researched a few other major hosting providers in the industry such as Bluehost, Hostinger and Hostgator, all of which do not provide a mobile app or have a third party app being provided for them. You will not be able to access their services and enjoy convenience on your Android or iOS device. 

We here at CloudCone consider it important to prioritize our client’s need for convenience and high availability cloud hosting to look for new ways to improve and develop the experience that you receive with us.  

#4 – What’s new?

In addition to the Instant Support feature we have introduced a new onboarding screen for new users to interact with us through their Android and iOS devices. We have also worked on the UI/UX of the app and improved it into a fresh look. 

#5 – What’s next for the app?

We’re not done yet. The best is yet to come! Following are a few features we will be releasing soon for Android and iOS so stay tuned:

  • More management options will soon be available for all compute instances.
  • Ability to pay your invoices through your mobile device.
  • Enable auto-backup and view a list of all your snapshots per instance.
  • Deploy a cloud server through your mobile phone.

We come up with new features to work on, by taking into consideration what it means to deliver high availability cloud hosting to our clients at all times. In the future our mobile app features will incorporate more elements of your Android and iOS devices to provide a much more comprehensive platform for high availability mobile cloud hosting.

We know that work can get stressful and inconvenient at times. That is why as a cloud hosting provider CloudCone strives to become more and more user-friendly with each step we take. We broke the hosting industry once with scalable deployment of cloud servers. Now we’re breaking it again with yet another step towards convenience and high availability: an official mobile app for Android and iOS users! The mobile app is an effort of CloudCone to provide better accessibility for our clients and revolutionize the hosting industry.

Our vision is to change the way IT and business run, for the better. This is a vision that we’ll keep growing to realize and we thank you for choosing CloudCone.

Download the CloudCone mobile app on your Android and iOS devices today! Want to be a part of the CloudCone community? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!