Dedicated servers

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#1 Our revamped dedicated product
#2 How this feature helps you
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As you know on the 27th August 2021 we launched our all new improved dedicated server order page. Our dedicated servers are now 100% configurable with the options of customizing your own RAM, OS, bandwidth, control panel and most importantly your own RAID disk. That’s right, you get to choose between RAID 1, 6 and 10 thanks to our configurability feature and deploy the disk of your choice. Designed to aid cost cutting and productivity, our revamped dedicated product is perfect for SMEs who are looking to set up their business fast and easy on reliable and high performance infrastructure, in 2021.

But before we get to the good part, for those of you who are wondering what dedicated servers exactly are, here’s what you need to know. A dedicated server is simply a server that is dedicated and exclusive to an individual client. These servers are physically located in data centers and customers get full control of physical hardware, as opposed to public and private cloud servers.

And since you’re in control of your server, it only makes sense that you get to configure its specs as you want, in a way that’s affordable and convenient to you. 

Our revamped dedicated product

Dedicated servers

A wide range of options are available to you on our brand new order page

When it comes to deploying a dedicated a server we realize that it’s much better to have the same scalability and wide range of options available to you as with VPSs. While previously on our platform you were able to select an appropriate plan from our packages. With the new order page, you get basic dedicated plans that come with the basic requirements needed to get the best experience. In order to customize it further for your business you can configure your server further on top of it.

Some of the new specs that we have made configurable are, RAM, OS, Bandwidth option, control panel, IP addresses, DDoS IPs etc. In addition to this you can also configure your RAID and disks on your server. What’s more, this new configurability feature also supports custom operating systems/ ISOs! You have to simply provide us the link of the ISO in the notes section and we will install it for you.

How this feature helps you…

Save up

Dedicated servers

Being able to configure your own dedicated server means that you get to save costs. No longer will you have to pay for extra specs you don’t use just because it’s the closest available package for your requirements. And if you’re someone who looks out for cost effective alternatives when it comes to control panels and templates, this new feature just might give you the ideal scalability to choose cost effective options.

Boost your productivity

With the wide range of options available for you to choose from you’re more likely to find exactly what you’re looking for to fit your exact requirements. As opposed to set plans where you have to make do with the resources and solutions given, our new configurability feature allows you to choose resources and solutions that match your business and your team work style. Now you get to add your preferred control panel, OS, and billing which will customize your server even further to create your ideal hosting experience. This will in turn make it easier for you to conveniently get work done.

What can be hosted on our dedicated servers

If you’re not sure whether or not your project needs dedicated hosting, we’ve put together a simple list to help you out:

Gaming servers

Dedicated servers

Hosting a Minecraft server? Or perhaps a Counter-Strike server? No matter what it is all you need is some good dedicated hosting. Game servers require powerful hardware that can keep multiple players from different regions, connected. This is one reason as to why dedicated hosting is ideal. Our dedicated machines are hosted in Los Angeles, California and you can get your hands on a wide range of premium hardware including Dell PowerEdge servers.

With the new configurability feature you’re able to configure specs that are suited specifically for gaming and cut costs by getting rid of unwanted features that might be available on regular pre-set packages (for instance, business features or client management features like control panels).

Big data hosting

Just as its name suggest big data holds value in its size and volume. Processing big data takes powerful machines. There is a large gap in complexity between the sheer volume of big data being input, versus the streamlined, analyzed output that we expect after processing it. In order to help us make sense of random raw figures and text, the systems that are processing them should perform at their best. This is important because so many businesses and organizations use big data for crucial day to day operations.

The configurability feature that we have on our platform can help you deploy the right cores and processor for processing, as well as, the right disk and storage to hold on to larger volumes of data, depending on your business size and requirements.

Website and application hosting

If you want to host websites with complicated purposes such as e-commerce and food delivery where a lot of traffic gets regulated and a lot of data taken in, dedicated servers are ideal. The data that you get from clients and web visitors will be safer on a dedicated server and it will also thrive in the high performance environment offered by these servers.

Dedicated servers

With 100% configurability you’re able to include easy to use control panels that let you successfully set up and manage complicated websites and applications. While with pre-set packages you have to make do with the available control panel, now with the configurability feature you’re able to select your preferred solution by opting for a paid control panel with advanced features or saving costs by going for a free alternative.

There are more uses…

We recently launched our white labeled Reseller product. This product is exclusively designed for users who want to host their own clients on our infrastructure. For resellers who expand their client base and reach a commitment of $500 per month, we can migrate your VPSs to your own private hypervisor. This way you can gain more resources and save up to 50% on all extra resources added to your partner account. Migrations are seamless and don’t require any downtime.

When it comes to dedicated servers the uses are endless. Check out our other blog post which is all about the different use cases of dedicated servers.

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