CloudCone's Support and Marketing Team

CloudCone’s Support and Marketing Team

At CloudCone we don’t work at separate desks from each other. Neither do we entertain the idea of placing people in different rooms. Instead we follow something that reflects our core values and company policies: a round table.

What it’s like to have a round table

We have heard since we were kids that the whole idea behind having a round table is to create equality and transparency. But most of us never got to know if its true through experience because only a few got the chance to actually work at a round table with their colleagues. Let me tell you now that it’s great.

Why we think it’s great

Everyone matters at a round table

Like I said before, the whole idea behind this concept is to give equality a place. At CloudCone, no matter who you are and what you do, you can all sit down together and work on something as equals.

There’s amazing transparency

Obviously when everyone works together we come to know what each of us will be doing. So no one gets to make a mistake or do something wrong and get away with it (not that any of us wants to ?).

It’s way more productive

For us at CloudCone, getting work done is quite simple. We don’t have to walk from table to table or room to room or two or three floors up and down to get a signature. Working at a round table saves a lot of time but all the communication is just as effective. When communication is effective work gets done real fast. We get a lot done in a day and no one ever idles.

We get used to and respect everyone’s culture

No explanations needed. The point explains itself. When we sit together we don’t just talk about work. We talk about our subcultures and it’s amazing. It’s great to work at a place where everyone gets the respect and recognition they deserve that intimately.

It’s more fun

While we take getting work done right very seriously, working at a round table is so much fun! We share food, experiences, stories, movies, TV shows and we laugh all day. And laughing all day has proven for us to be one of the most effective ways to keep ourselves super motivated and enthusiastic.