Configuring your newly acquired server could be a challenge. Why? Because it is supposed to run smoothly so it has to be set up perfectly but also as soon as possible. Therefore you need a user-friendly dashboard that requires almost zero technical knowledge to work with. Enter cPanel. This is the most popular dashboard you could find that fits the bill.

What is cPanel?

It is an online control panel that users can manage administrative tasks with such as creating websites, managing emails and managing add-on domains and subdomains.

What is WHM?

WHM or Web Hosting Manager is a tool that allows you administrator level access to the back end of cPanel. It enables users to create a cPanel account and easily manage multiple sites.

So how does cPanel/WHM benefit your server?

There is a reason why cPanel is the de facto control panel for most web hosting services.

It’s user-friendly



If you have zero technical knowledge and would rather deal with a GUI control panel, then cPanel is the way to go. Even users who do have a sound technical background would in most cases prefer cPanel for the simple reason that it helps you save a lot of time when it comes to configuring your server.

It saves time

Installing cPanel is so easy that you get to save up a lot on the time factor. The two most prominent requirements to fill when you want to install cPanel are disk space of 20 GB for the Linux system and 512 MB RAM at the least. Moreover, The interface of cPanel allows you to take on super complex tasks and get them done in just a matter of minutes using a few clicks.

Cost effective

Because cPanel is so simple and easy to use, it saves you the cost of hiring technical operators and system administrators. Therefore the process from installing to using cPanel on your server will be hassle-free and you could get it up and running in time.

Has a range of features

If you want your viewers to keep coming back to you, one thing that you’ve got to master is the wow factor. cPanel has a range of features that enables you to use great aesthetic elements to your website. Combine that with the fact that you can do all this with as little time as possible and you have your reason to use cPanel.

Compatible with many browsers

Another convenience factor of using cPanel is the fact that you can run it on a wide selection of browsers like Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

You wouldn’t have to worry about complicated user interfaces and having to go through tutorials or depend on technical experts to manage your website when you use cPanel. That is why 90% of web hosting companies today use cPanel. We hope this post helped you with most of your doubts regarding whether or not you should use cPanel as well. You definitely should give it a try if your want your server to be set up impressivley fast and running in no time. Good luck! Reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.