E-commerce is evolving. Every day people discover new trends to shape online shopping. One of the most effective trends that promise an increase in leads and customers is personalization and localization.

What is personalization?

Personalization is basically, shaping the user’s purchase experience to suit their personality and preferences. It helps potential customers express and satisfy their needs freely. It also makes them feel important.

How to master personalization?

Observing and collecting data about the customer and their preferences is key to master this technique. Here are a few tips on how to do this right:

  • Recommend items to the customer based on frequent past searches.
  • Recommend items to the customer based on past purchases.
  • Recommend items to the customer based on their geographic information such as current location.
  • Recommend items based on demographics such as age and gender.
  • Recommend items based on their social media activities such as shares, likes etc.
  • Recommend items based on the current constituents of their shopping cart.

The following apps and tools will be helpful for you to implement personalization strategies:

  • Unbxd Recommendations
  • Personalizer- Targeted Recommendations by LimeSpot
  • Personalized Product Recommendations by Beekeeping
  • Smart Recommendations and Emails by Metisa


This is only a method of personalizing the user experience by displaying or recommending items based on the location of the IP address.

It is important to provide localized information for aspects like currency, language, a method of payment, shipping standards and commonly used social media.

There you go! These tips will help your organize and implement an effective personalization strategy. good luck with your e-commerce site. Reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.