Developing a website takes a lot of creativity. But when it comes to retaining its popularity and usefulness, strategic planning is key. Figuring out how to get a top search engine ranking is a vital part of that planning process. If you’re putting a lot of effort into designing your website you want it to be a frequently visited one, or all your efforts will go to waste. Luckily, we’re here to help you improve your website’s SEO performance.

Pay attention to the content you deliver

Your website exists for a reason. Make sure that the content that you display on your website always serves this purpose. This is important in order not to disappoint your visitors. But at the same time arrange your content in a way that helps you attract a larger visitor base. Make sure your content appeals to almost everyone. For example if your website is a Q and A website, make sure that the questions asked are categorized based on which subject it belongs to (astronomy, technology, entertainment etc.) so that people with different interests can find their way in your website and hence their needs are properly catered to.

Another factor that upgrades the quality of your content, in addition to its relevance, is timeliness. Keep all your content properly updated so that people will know that they can rely on your website for information.

Use keywords

When it comes to SEO, keywords are a life saver! For this to work, you would have to get into the shoes of the user and think about what phrases you would use to search for something. Also narrow it down to a more specific level. For example, use “Buy women’s clothing” rather than “Women’s clothing”. After you select a good enough keywords, try to include them all in your page title and meta description.

While you do this, keep in mind how important it is to make keywords as relevant as possible, in order not to be identified as spam. Another important point to keep in mind is to not add the key words purposely all over the content of your page. This way, you can avoid keyword stuffing and in turn, having your page removed from Google.

Use alternative tags

Another method to increase the chances of your website being found easily is adding alt tags to pictures and videos of your website. Search engines cannot generally interpret images. But having images in your website enhances its outlook to humans. This dilemma is solved by alt tags. So whenever your image or video comes with a properly formatted alt tag, search engine crawlers detect this presence of images and videos and this will save your ranking.

Another use of having alt tags is making your website compatible to text-only browsers.

Improve site speed

In the previous blog post about increasing your wordpress speed, I mentioned that Google is now considering site speed in order to give a ranking. Use a tool like GTmetrix or Pingdom to measure the load time of your website and work to keep this under 2 seconds. For more information on how to increase your site speed, read my previous article; 

Mobile-friendly site

Unless you have been living under a rock, it will not be difficult to understand how much mobile phones have affected our lives. Today, mobile devices are being used more often to access websites. Hence it is clear that making your website compatible to mobile devices is a key factor to get yourself a higher ranking.

Avoid duplicate content

Make sure that whatever you include in your website is your own original content. If not, this will be an SEO disaster. always try to come up with your own ideas and writing styles.

  • Find out if your website has duplicate content using tools like CopyScape and SiteLiner.

There you go. These are only a few of the many ways you can improve your SEO. With these tips, you will find yourself being accessed by more and more users everyday. Good luck with your SEO and reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.