As a company that constantly pushes new products, features, updates, offers and content, the ability to make efficiently managed announcements is extremely important to us. Our clients frequently receive announcements on bug fixes, features, improvements and upgrades, promotions, and articles. With the use of software such as AnnounceKit, we are able to keep our clients in the loop by making sure that we get the best possible engagement for all our announcements. The clean design and interface of this software make it convenient and enjoyable to work with.

As an online company, we also have to deal with a lot of unexpected situations on the internet. Hence we often find ourselves having to make a lot of urgent announcements. Recently we had to announce an urgent cPanel update and we had a lot of clients contacting us as soon as the announcement was made. Through AnnounceKit we were able to get the best possible engagement in no time. We made the decision to switch to AnnounceKit because they offer a lot of incredible features and benefits at great competitive prices.

AnnounceKit has an exciting feature that allows our clients to give feedback on how CloudCone is doing, through reaction emojis. For now, we’re able to receive feedback for our overall company performance, inclusive of all our articles, updates, bug fixes, product releases etc. We look forward to an AnnounceKit update where our clients can provide more specific feedback on these announcement categories separately. If you haven’t already, make sure to subscribe to our news updates today to receive the latest updates on what’s new with CloudCone. Don’t forget to give us your feedback!

See you soon in a new blog post!