The world of business and its trends are ever expanding and evolving. There are no timeless truths in what appeals to customers. Hence it is not only a good idea but also a crucial one to keep tabs on the big business trends out there. We have put together a list of 7 business trends that you should watch for in 2019 that will help your business stay in the public’s mind.

7 business trends for 2019

The impact of the millennials

More businesses are starting to cater to the needs of millennials. Millennials have obtained purchasing power and are now in positions to spend money. They are approaching the majority of consumers in the market today and for this reason, businesses are starting to make all efforts possible to shape their products, services, and consumer experience to suit the millennials’ preferences.

For instance, a business may now focus more on delivering a personalized experience where the consumers feel included regardless of their race, gender, size or age and deliver more technologically convenient products and services. The presence of the alternative of online shopping is also quite attractive to millennials.

Personalization improves

All these years personalization was perceived widely as a business gathering information from its consumers and designing their products and services to match the consumer behavior. But the future holds more. In 2019, personalization would elevate to a level where the most important products like healthy diets are given to consumers based on individual testing. So more health concerned food chains and restaurants would emerge where tests are conducted before feeding the consumers to determine which food items are best for them as individuals.

However, it’s not just limited to the health and food sectors. Any business at all could take their regular personalization game a step further by maintaining direct communication with their loyal clients to shape products the way they want. However, this does not carry the wow effect that giving consumers what they want as if you guessed it, gives. But this way it’s easier to build customer relationships and the consumers can get a look at the human side of the business.

Minimalism in design

Minimalism is something that we see even today in most top-notch web designs. This trend puts the saying “less is more” into practice. Minimalism wins for so many reasons. Most website visitors today like to see simple websites that deliver the value of content and use its appearance and design to add more meaning and prominence to the content rather than to make the websites flashy. The idea that “content is king” truly comes into play.

Remote working

Remote working is becoming a trend. With the advancements in technology, today more and more employees are finding it more convenient to work from remote locations without attending the workplace. Since companies too seek to achieve better employee satisfaction and convenience, granting employees the opportunity to engage in remote working is becoming more and more popular.

Benefiting from IoT

The concept of IoT has been around for quite a while. But it has not always been easy to reap its benefits. However, the IoT game is only rising. In 2020, the investments on IoT will reach above $ 1 trillion. There are so many interesting ways in which you can incorporate IoT into your consumer experience. It can be a little element in your business or it could be something that plays a major role.

Consistent employee communication

Maintaining employee communication is a part of establishing strong relationships with employees. But consistent communication also plays a significant role in making sure that none of your employees is unaware of certain crucial situations within the organization. In 2019 there will be more mobile apps that contribute to present a more convenient platform for employees to communicate. Communication practices at workplaces are also giving priority to being considerate towards the team and listening. At CloudCone we use Slack to communicate with the team and Meistertask to keep tabs on our tasks.

Technology will merge with physical attributes

You might think that the future always lies in digital. However, in the retail world, we can already observe that the future lies in merging digital aspects with physical aspects. Simply put, in the future retail would turn into a much more wholesome experience. Many companies have already been trying out this combined strategy and they have derived a few amazing results. IoT is one way to merge your physical attributes with digital and since IoT market is expected to rise in 2019 as mentioned above, it is safe to say that this merging trend will be a winner in 2019. To find out more about the background of this trend and how it is applicable to your business read this blog post.

There you go. 2019 seems like a great year for business, especially new ideas and ventures. Hope you found a few cool ideas for boosting your current business or getting started with a new one. Good luck! Reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.