Organizing the place where you work every day is a very important task. But it’s most often the one thing we never find the time to do and when we do find the time, we never know how to do it right. At CloudCone we are devoted to maintaining an organized workplace not only because it’s good but also because we tend to follow a few easy steps to do so.

Here’s how to organize your workplace:

No more procrastination

So how do we avoid procrastination? The best way to do this is to do the most important task first. It’s simple. Go through all your tasks, sort them out in the order of their importance and finish them up in that order. This method is more commonly known as “Eat that Frog!”  

Time is money

How do you avoid spending too much time on one long project and ultimately ending up frustrated without getting anything else done? By setting time frames and limits to all your tasks. Once you set a reasonable time frame to all your projects and tasks make sure never to hold on to it a second longer than is necessary. It’s important to keep yourself productive by switching between tasks. We take “time” quite seriously at CloudCone. That is why we offer greater convenience to anyone who needs to deploy our cloud servers. You don’t have to waste time waiting for your servers to be deployed to get on with your projects if you opted for our cloud servers.   

Color code everything!

This one is really fun and is a guaranteed boost to productivity. And now you actually have the time to do this because you saved up a lot of it by giving up procrastination and setting time frames. Some organizations take color coding pretty seriously and delve deeper into color psychology by color coding different rooms in their office. From Baker-Miller Pink boardrooms to cool blue colored office rooms color psychology can enhance your mental state to a more positive level.

Keep your workplace mess-makers contained.

What are your workplace mess-makers? Papers, files, folders, stationery, cables, you name it. Having boxes that are, again, color coded to contain these mess-makers and labelling them can really take a load of stress off your mind. Not only does your workspace get cleaned up. But you will henceforth know exactly where to look to find a certain item or document that you’ve been missing for ages!

Clean up that desk!

It’s what’s right in front of you every single day that affects your mentality the most. If you have a super messy desk in front of you then no matter how much you color code your office, it won’t take much stress off your mind. So remove unnecessary items from your desk, put them in boxes and in drawers and organize the absolutely necessary things on your desk so that they will leave you enough room for you to work.

Today is “organize your office day” here at CloudCone so we decided to share these 5 helpful tips with you so it could be the same for your workplace too. So get organizing! Good luck and reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.