Hope your new year went well!  Ours were exciting that we talked about it on our blog! If you haven’t seen it yet, Happy New Year to you!

We’ve been working day night brainstorming some useful features that we’ve implemented over the past few days, Let the rant begin. ?

Attach DDoS IPs to your Instance


We’ve added the option to attach DDoS protected IPs onto your instance through the client area. ? If you are new to CloudCone’s DDoS protection, you can check out our fabulous page for more info here!

Mount that Recovery Disk!


We’ve got many requests for restoring backups due to accidentally crashing kernels. The recovery disk is a fully functional Live CD which enables you to access your server’s drive if you did something unexpected and got locked out of your files.

The recovery disk can be mounted to any virtual machine and accessed right away. ?

And, our CDN is in Beta!


In December, we’ve launched a public beta on our PULL CDN, with about 1000+ CDNs deployed, thanks to everyone who reported those ? we will be going out of the free plan (beta) starting early February. I will keep you posted about that in future emails.

Till then stay safe and have a good one on this new year!