Black Friday

November 2021 is approaching its final week and you know what that means- Black Friday 2021 is coming up! And you know Black Friday is always special around here at CloudCone because we’ve got exclusive deals at insanely discounted prices. This year’s Black Friday falls on the 26th November 2021. And just like last time we’ve got a bunch of deals from super low VPS, and feature-rich SC2 (Scalable Cloud Compute) to fully customizable Dedicated Servers.

To add a more exciting twist to our Black Friday MEGA SALE 2021, we’ve got a flash sale coming your way as well. Our flash sale has a set of deals that will change every hour. More details on this below.

Let’s dive right in to our buyer’s guide!

Table of contents

#1 What to expect from our buyer’s guide?
#2 When and how to buy each product?
#3 New deals every hour
#4 Scalable clouds
#5 VPS
#6 Dedicated servers
#7 Why our clients love us?
#8 Story time: Why the Black Friday hype?
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A buyer’s guide to the CloudCone Black Friday MEGA SALE 2021

What to expect from our buyer’s guide?

Some really helpful tips on accessing and deploying our Black Friday 2021 offers.

In this buyer’s guide we will run you through our products, product updates, features, add-ons, new releases etc. that you can grab for exclusive prices on our MEGA SALE. We will also tell you when and where to find the deals and how to make sure you get notified when our sale goes live.

When and how to buy each product?

New Deals Every Hour!

Black Friday

Our Black Friday MEGA SALE commences on the fourth week of November. One of the campaigns we’ve got coming your way is our flash sale.

Like we mentioned in the introduction, our flash sale gives you the chance to check out a new Black Friday exclusive plan every hour and deploy them at insane discounts. It’s all about huge savings and there will be surprise deals with unbelievable price points! Because this page keeps getting constantly updated, there will also be more room for a wide range of specs to choose from. So definitely look out for this rare chance!

Where to find these sweet deals? You can grab a new deal every hour on our Black Friday 2021 hourly deals page!

How to get notified? To make sure you don’t miss out on this exciting sale, keep this page bookmarked. You can also sign up on our Black Friday 2021 welcome page to receive early bird access to all our exclusive deals. That way you’ll get to deploy our Black Friday exclusive deals before anyone else.

Keep your eyes open! If you blink you might miss it 😉

Pure SSD Scalable Clouds with FREE Automated Backups and more!

Black Friday

Typically, six times as fast HDDs, our SSD backed SC2 servers run on dual Intel® processors such as the Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214 with a 3.20 GHz max Turbo frequency or Xeon® E5s. Another amazing perk of deploying our SC2 servers is that you gain access to a wide range of features and add-ons. These features and add-ons include automated backups, snapshots, managed firewall, advanced statistics, DDoS IPs, and managed support scope.  

This Black Friday our SC2 servers will be on insane discounts starting from $3.50/month!

Where to find these sweet deals? Head on over to our Black Friday 2021 SC2 deals page to grab these exclusive offers on the 26th November 2021.

How to get notified? To get notified when the SC2 deals go live make sure you sign up to get early bird access ASAP!

VPS starting from $8.79/Year!

Black Friday

We recently launched our Value VPS product! Backed by SSD cached technology this product is a great affordable choice for anyone who needs general purpose cloud computing. What’s more, they also come with resource upgradability, allowing you to upgrade server resources individually right at the time of deploying. On Black Friday, these affordable servers will be even more affordable for you to grab and deploy!

Where to find these sweet deals? Save up BIG by heading over to our Black Friday 2021 VPS deals page on the 26th November 2021 to grab these offers.

How to get notified? The best way to get notified is through our early bird access alert! Head on over to our Black Friday 2021 welcome page and sign up today to get a head start on all the exclusive deals.

Bare-metal Dedicated servers with customizable specs!

Black Friday

Our high-performance Dedicated Servers from our USA data center, now have a brand new order page, which allows you to customize your server by deploying with your preferred specs such as RAM, OS, Bandwidth, RAID type etc. And this Black Friday you can pick a base plan out of our offers and customize its specs according to your preference. That’s not all, these bare-metal dedicated servers are 24/7 managed which means our support team will be there to help you out with any concerns you may have.

Where to find these sweet deals? To deploy our Black Friday exclusive dedicated plans on the 26th November 2021, check our Black Friday 2021 Dedicated deals page.

How to get notified? Sign up to get early bird access to all our Dedicated server deals on Black Friday.

Why our clients love us?

There are three key factors of CloudCone that make our clients love us. Our pricing, our support and the variety of products that we offer.

 Our pricing

The pricing here at CloudCone is affordable and controllable. That’s right. We make sure to keep our prices as competitive as possible while providing you with the ability to scale, customize and control how much you pay. Take our SC2 servers for example. They offer a wide range of features so you get your value for money, and at the same time you’re able to scale resources up and down, right at the time of deploying and see how your price changes in real time. This gives you a more transparent view of how much you spend on our servers.

Our SC2 servers offer a wide range of features so you get a huge bang for your buck!

Our support

Whenever our clients give feedback on our products and services, one thing that they never fail to mention is our cloud support. Our fully managed support, that is available for all our Linux SC2 products and Dedicated products, include handling cPanel software migrations, load problems, package installations, DNS configuration, non-scripted task automation, firewall setup & troubleshooting, and so much more.

Products and features for any use case

One thing that we notice about our clients is that they use CloudCone products for a wide range of different projects. To us, that is a testament to how versatile our product range is. We offer different types of servers from affordable VPSs to feature-rich SC2 servers to private cloud environments, dedicated servers, hosted email and white-labeled reseller hosting platforms. And when it comes to our features, you can get your hands on automated backups, snapshots, managed firewall, DDoS protected IPs, advanced server statistics etc.

We also offer cPanel servers for those who love its wide range of features. However you can also get your hands on free control panels like VestaCP through our one-click applications.  What’s more, we’re the only hosting provider with an official mobile app that allows you to manage your servers from anywhere at any time. This is why our clients find us to be their one-stop shop for all their hosting requirements.

Story time: Why the Black Friday hype?

Black Friday

Black Friday became a retail buzzword, only in the late 1980s. At the beginning this day was a great opportunity for businesses that were running at a loss, to incur profits or at the very least, arrive at a break-even point. In accounting this is referred to as emerging from “red” (operating at a loss) to “black” (operating at a break-even point). With their huge discounts, businesses could turn profits by boosting their sales before the year ended.

Now, the day “Black Friday” has evolved into a more commonplace occasion where all businesses and customers alike, celebrate consumerism and give into their buying and selling needs.

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