Advertisers are one big source of revenue generation for your website if you know how to do it right. However making sure that advertisers deem your website as worthy of their money is not as simple as it sounds. You can be at a loss trying to draw out a plan to prove that your website is successful. Luckily here are few pointers that not only might get you started but could serve as guidelines for a long time 🙂

A few tips

Boost your page rank

A rather obvious fact is that the higher a website’s rank is the more attractive it is to advertisers. one way to ensure that your page rank is high is to ensure that your site has a lot of quality backlinks. Of course great content is key to increase how many backlinks your websites gets ( Here’s all you need to know about Content Marketing). The ratio of the age of your website against the number of its followers is also a catalyst in deciding its rank.

Improve your social media presence

Because they are advertisers they look at beyond just your website. Your social media presence, popularity and consistency matter a lot to them. Make sure that you have a solid number of followers and that your social media platforms have the potential to influence a large audience. Sponsored social media posts is one way to catch your advertiser’s eye. Ad Dynamo is a platform on which you can meet brands and promote them in your social media posts.

Become an affiliate

We discussed this in our previous post on how to make money through social media. There are many advertisers who only work with affiliate programs so it would help to join an affiliate network to get an advantage. You can join Cloudcone’s Affiliate Program and earn 30%-100% of each referral’s cloud credits as well!

Be prepared with a media kit

Direct metrics and crucial information, ready made on paper is the convenience that advertisers are looking for when choosing which websites deserve their ads. To provide that convenience is to win their favor. A media kit is a promotional document with details about your website. If you’re wondering what to include in a media kit, include your website’s Moz Rank, Google Page Rank, Amount of Visitors in the Previous Month, Average Time spent on the Site, Bounce Rate, Daily Unique Pageviews, Amount of social media followers for each platform, Other sites that you are affiliated with and other key details that you think will help you boast your site’s performance. 

Be mobile-friendly

Since mobile browsing is huge right now having a mobile-friendly site is a must. If your website doesn’t work well on mobile devices then advertisers will rather steer clear of you. So optimize your site’s mobile experience and get started.

Promote yourself

Having all the previous points checked, it would all go to waste if advertisers didn’t know that you are advertising. This tip is almost comical because of how obvious it is. Yet it’s something that most people overlook. When you think of attracting advertisers you think of all the things you could do to improve your site. But many overlook the fact that the advertisers actually need to know that they can advertise with you. Investing in a creative “Advertise here” banner would never go to waste.

Building rapport with organizations on how your website could get them to influence a large audience is another good technique. Connecting with advertisers should be done carefully and professionally. Make sure that they hail from a reputable organization that has policies that align with your image.

There you go. Of course you can put much more research and creativity into how appealing you can get depending on the organizations you want to reach. However it’s always good to have a basic set of guidelines to help you update and improve your website for advertisers. Hope this post helped you 🙂 Good luck! Reach out to us if you have any concerns, suggestions or general feedback.