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Private Hypervisors

Deploy virtual servers in your bare metal server fully integrated with CloudCone's easy to use control panel. Create manage, monitor and scale your private cloud environment under few clicks.

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We setup your private hypervisors with many useful features and monitoring tools orchestrated under a few clicks, here's a few ?

Deploy Instances

Deploy Virtual Private Servers within your dedicated server via CloudCone's easy to use control panel allowing you to choose precise resources

Private Clusters

Ability to add more than one private hypervisor to your cluster and choose on which HV you need to deploy your new virtual machine


Advanced statistics for both hypervisors and virtual machines. View graphs about CPU usage, network usage and IOPS usage right inside the app

Resource Based Scaling

Adjust resources per your own need when deploying or resize after deploying. Move up or down RAM, Disk, IPs and CPU cores with no restrictions.

Seamless Management

Manage your virtual machine and the hypervisor; boot, reboot, shutdown, reset root password or reload the OS any time under a click.

KVM Virtualization

Deploy Kernel based Virtual Machines (KVM) to utilize hardware like virtual server environments on your guests with a wide range of Linux templates

Latest Linux

Select from a range of popular Linux distributions including CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu and Fedora to install on your Virtual Servers

Recovery Access

Integrated recovery VNC to access your guest's data incase of emergencies such as kernel panics or interrupted network configurations on your guest server

Internal Monitoring

View per minute statistics from the inside of your Hypervisor and it's guests, including RAM usage, CPU process list, network speed per interface and more

View Hoggers

Catch and stop high resource intensive virtual machines inside your hypervisors and view CPU, IO, and network graphs per virtual machine

RAID Protected

Monitor your hypervisor's RAID health right inside CloudCone's control panel, receive automatic alerts on RAID degradation

100% Utilization

Use the server hardware as you wish, targeting distributed computing and big data analysis. Never receive a fair share warning or capped CPU utilization

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  1. Pick your individual resources

    Select your desired RAM, CPU cores, Storage, IPs and your new server Operating System

  2. Pick your Hypervisor

    Choose your private hypervisor node where you need this server deployed

  3. Click Deploy

    Finally, click deploy and play a game of tic tac toe until your server is online


Private hypervisors are an add-on to our available dedicated server plans or customized server plans, you can add this addon to any plan listed here

*Number of virtual machines depends on the dedicated server hardware of the Hypervisor
Introductory discounts available
Private Hypervisor
To deploy a private hypervisor solution contact us for pricing 
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  • Unlimited Virtual Machines*
  • RAID Monitoring
  • VM and Internal Stats
  • Linux Template Library
  • API Access

Cloud View Indepth monitoring

Cloud View is an actively improved monitoring plugin we provide free for all Private Hypervisor clients, it's awesome!

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Quick Answers

  • Is this a managed service?

    Yes, once your place your order, we install and setup all the required software and link it to our panel at CloudCone, and you can spin up instances right away, no technical installs to be done in your end

  • Do we pay for the virtual machines inside my Hypervisor?

    No, you only pay the dedicated server fees and the Private Hypervisor addon fee and that's all. No hidden fees, we do not do that

  • Yes, you can carry out any tasks on your private hypervisors that does not violate our AUP, and you are good to go