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Why use VestaCP?

VestaCP is an easy to use open source web hosting control panel. It has everything needed to manage a web hosting server. It runs quickly, is being constantly improved with regular updates and a wide range of community support.

Clean Web Interface

Web interface is open source php and javascript interface based on Vesta open API.

Vesta Core/API

Vesta core is written in bash, the native programming language of Linux server admins who know how to fix problems and how the server inner structure looks.

Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt SSL

A free, automated, and open certificate authority. You can issue free of cost Let's Encrypt SSL for websites, child domains and hostnames.


How to install your free application on an optimized server?

  1. Choose your application

    Choose an application to install and run on an optimized server.

  2. One-click to the install app

    The one-click option easily installs the latest version on your cloud instance.

  3. Configuring VestaCP

    Having trouble finalizing? Complete your configuration with the help of the full-managed support team.

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