Manage Your Cloud Instance ON-THE-GO

Introducing a new cloud experience, an app built as a client-centered platform to manage all CloudCone Services more conveniently.

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What's in store for you?

The Instant Support feature lets you contact our support team at any time, any place, whenever you have a concern. Our app allows you to access a dashboard that provides an overview of your server information and specifications. Also access a detailed instance log of your active tasks with three buttons for the key functionalities, ‘Reboot’ ‘Boot’ and ‘Shutdown’. Your billing-related activities can be viewed through the dashboard as well. Paying invoices when you need to is easier than ever now.

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Connect with our support team instantly, any time, any place.


Keep in touch with your cloud server even on the move.


A seamless CloudCone experience from our website to our mobile app.


A hassle-free platform to pay all your invoices with your cloud credits.

Future Improvemnets In Planning

Here are a few exciting updates that you should stay on toes for; all great things do take time. No release dates yet.

Advanced Backup Controls

Enable auto-backups and view a list of all your snapshots per instance.

Server Deployment

The ability to deploy a server through the mobile app.

Better Management

More options & settings will be available for all services.

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