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Our logo is our most valuable asset. We must treat it nicely. Never abuse the logo and we would appreciate it, if these versions of the logo are used when promoting your presence on CloudCone, LLC.

Colored Logo

This is our main logo style, note the horizontal lockup. Use the colored logo on solid background, works best with white.

Vertical Logo

When the main logo style doesn’t fit your composition, use the vertical lockup.

White Logo

The white logo should be used on busy backgrounds or dark colored backgrounds.

Black Logo

The black logo should be only used on a page that is B&W or when printing in black & white.


Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibility of the logo is not compromised in application.

The CloudCone logo should never be smaller than 70px in digital or 20mm in print.

The CloudCone icon should never be smaller than 21px in digital or 6mm in print.


Keep enough space around CloudCone brand assets for them to be clear and uncluttered. Additionally, use assets at a legible size for the most comfortable viewing.

Always be sure to use sufficient spacing.


In case you need an icon to represent us alongside other brands here are a few you could use.

Circular Icon

This is our circular icon

If you're using our circular icon make sure that the logo is properly fit inside the circle.




Rounded Square Icon

This is our rounded square icon

If you're using our rounded square icon make sure that our logo is centered in the square.




Square Icon

This is our square icon

If you're using our square icon make sure that our logo is centered inside the square.




It is important to ensure accurate & consistent use. Never alter, rotate, embellish or attempt to recreate Cloudcone brand assets. Do not attempt to change the logo in any way.
There are no exceptions!

No Patterns

Don't use patterns on the logo

The CloudCone logo is color coded for a reason. We wouldn't advise filling it up with patterns, even if it looks really good.

No 3D

Don't use a 3 Dimensional logo

At CloudCone we like to keep things simple as well as good looking. Keeping the logo 2D would be the right way to go.

No upright logo

Don't use an upright logo

Whenever you use our logo we want to make sure you add the tilt to it. It clearly looks much better that way.

No wordmark alone

Do not use the wordmark without the icon.

Just like everyone's favorite mac & cheese, our icon and wordmark always go together better.

No distorted logo

Don't use a distorted logo

Always try new different positions, but do not stretch the logo when dragging it here & there.

No color changes

Do not change the logo colour or add gradients.

Just like you are, our logo is perfect just the way it is.


If you're a CloudCone affiliate or you hope to be one, you can get all the web banners you need to promote CloudCone services online, right here. Browse through the different sizes of banners and select the one that fits.

  • Web Banner 728px / 90px

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  • Web Banner 468px / 60px

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  • Web Banner 300px / 250px

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  • Web Banner 160px / 600px

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