Cloud View ⛈

A free addon to all Cloud and Dedicated servers. Watch what's happening inside your server

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CPU Usage

View detailed per minute CPU usage on your server. This graph will show the Linux CPU usage and the utilization against the processes it runs.

Live Process List

Watch processes running on your server right inside the app, helping you to identify bad users and avoid CPU hoggers inside your machine without logging in via SSH.


RAM Utilization

View precise, per minute RAM usage on your Cloud and Dedicated server, allowing you to spot RAM outages and scale your server as required.

load avg

Load Average

Linux load average graphically represented precisely to a minute.


Network Utilization

Per interface network utilization reporting. Both Inbound and Outbound bandwidth in MBps

Private Hypervisor - Network report

Per instance network reporting exclusive on Private Hypervisor and dedicated servers. Watch individual Virtual Machines or Interfaces and their speeds to get a clear view on your network