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PRICING Pricing starts at $0.00498 per hour

The Stack

Pay for what you use, subscribe to what you require. Orchestrated under one panel

Cloud Machines

High perfomance, fully managed cloud servers for powerful computing


Hosted Business E-mail

Professional business email with high deliverability and zero blacklisting


Dedicated Servers

Fully managed Dell dedicated machines with dedicated resources


Cloud Data

Off loaded MySQL databases on enterprise hardware


DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection of upto 1 TBP/s across the network


Shared Sites

cPanel enabled shared hosting for static and PHP sites


Private Hypervisor

Orchestrate the stack in a private environment for your organization


Cloud Nexus

Cache your content across the world with over 52 CDN locations



Starting from the lowest tier at $0.00498 /hour all the way upto $68.96 /month and to everything in-between.

Starter Plan

Per Month or $0.0.00498 per hour

  • 1 Xeon CPU
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 GB Disk
Professional Plan

Per Month or $0.09269 per hour

  • 8 Xeon CPUs
  • 16 GB Memory
  • 500 GB Disk

Experts on demand for all your Migrations

Relax and save time to work on other things that matter while our in-house experts take care of all your migrations.

CloudCone will transfer your websites, email accounts, all other associated files and databases from your previous provider to a new one with us. You wouldn’t have to worry about time because we prioritize you. The process will be completed without any interruptions before you even know it.

You will have access to our platform packed with convenient features, easy scalability, hourly billing, and to the friendliest support team 24/7 ☀⛱

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