How to fix the repository is not signed error on Ubuntu 20.04

A few days back, I tried to update my Ubuntu 20.04 PC and I run into an error  ‘the repository is not signed‘ and I could not go past that. Other times, you may happen upon the error ‘The repository does not have a release file‘ when trying to add a third-party repository. If you […]

How to configure a static IP on Linux

By default, upon installation, any Linux system uses DHCP  for its network configuration. This implies that it automatically obtains an IP address from a router or a DHCP server in a network.  However, there are certain instances that require configuration of a static IP.  A good example is where you have a server, e.g a […]

How to Create Additional FTP Accounts on VestaCP

If you want to allow additional users to manage the files of your website, you can create additional FTP accounts through VestaCP to grant them access. You will also be able to restrict the directory each user has access to. To begin, log in to your VestaCP account and navigate to the Web section. From […]

How to restrict SSH access only to specific IPs

Introduction Once your IP is public it gets attention from so many bots in the internet that do brute force and dictionary attacks to “guess” your passwords so it is always the best to lock SSH access to a list of your trusted static IPs (such as your companies VPN IPs For this tutorial we […]

LAMP on CentOS 6

What is LAMP? LAMP is a common web stack which stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is used to prepare servers in order to host web content. To check your short hostname use the following command: hostname To check your FQDN (fully qualified domain name) use the following command: hostname -f To update […]

11 Ways to free up disk space on cPanel servers

Getting customers is beneficial for any business but behind the scenes, we know that it causes some issues. You start running out of disk space due to your server filling up due to the increase in customers. The only way that you can increase the potential and efficiency of your server is to free up […]

Check which folders use the highest disk space in linux

Linux Shell is a powerful tool for so many tasks, here is one single command to find the directories that has larger disk usage. This command is helpful to track the disk usage and bring it down to the disk usage hogs. Command du -h <dir> 2>/dev/null | grep ‘[0-9\.]\+G’ Replace <dir> with your desired […]

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